domingo, 23 de octubre de 2011


Find information about a place you would like to visit (do not copy and paste) and plan a holiday for yourself and friends: 

Next summer, my friends and I would like travel to Palma de Mallorca.We want to go because we love the beach and sunbathing, and also we love partying. 

We searched for information on the island of Majorca and we have identified places that we would like to visit. We want to plan the trip for four nights and three days. 
So, the first day, we will go to Playa de Palma that is one on the most popular beaches in Mallorca and then eat at a nearby restaurant. 
The second day, we will vist the center of Palma and also go shopping.
The last day, we will go to another beautiful beach of Mallorca called Cala Blanca, and at night we will go to disco Abraxas, one of the most famous in Mallorca. 

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