jueves, 12 de enero de 2012

Blogtask: Describe your house / flat

My house is a bungalow in a housing complex.

In the complex there is a pool with a huge garden for sunbathing and swings for children.

Let me show you around my house!

As we walk in a through the front door, the kitchen is on our right and a living-dining room is in front of us.

From the living-dining room you can go to the terrace and the garden. My dog loves playing there!

Let’s go upstairs. Here there are the bedrooms and two full bathrooms.
The first room on the left is my sister's bedroom. We share the bathroom that is next to her room. My room is to the right of the bathroom door, and my parent's room is at the end of the hallway.

My bedroom is pink and white. I love pink! I have a bed, a huge closet to store my clothes and accessories, a desk with a laptop and a TV on a shelf.

It is a modern and spacious house and I love it!